Nasimo, also known by his spiritual name Kardami Kapila Das is from Bulgaria. He is well recognized throughout the world as a graffiti artist, who pushed this art form to a high level of expression over the last 20 years.

He has worked extensively throughout Europe and Canada, where he has had numerous one man shows. His contemporary art in mixed media on canvas has been widely collected by Art Patrons all over the world.

Nasimo continues to paint and do murals throughout the world. His art, a statement of the times we live and struggle through is reflected by his incredible sense of wit and expression.

Dutchman Art Gallery

The Dutchman Fine Art Gallery is unique for galleries of any sort. Select artists from all over the world have provided Dutchman with an opportunity to showcase their paintings, sculptures and mixed media creations. Please feel free to browse around from the comfort of your home. Part of proceeds are donated to the Love Through Compassion Society