John van 't Hullenaar

John van 't Hullenaar

The "Dutchman" has received numerous awards for his tattoo work, and recognition for his innovative new styles which have contributed to the tattoo industry.

He has been extensively covered in the media, and has continued to be published around the globe, in both magazine and book format.

"We have worked for almost twenty years building our international reputation. I am sure you will find our studio to be comfortable and to have a relaxed atmosphere, with no pressure, so we can provide you with the highest quality tattoo work."

Dutchman Art Gallery

The Dutchman Fine Art Gallery is unique for galleries of any sort. Select artists from all over the world have provided Dutchman with an opportunity to showcase their paintings, sculptures and mixed media creations. Please feel free to browse around from the comfort of your home. Part of proceeds are donated to the Love Through Compassion Society